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As business owners we’re all busy with no time to waste. So you want a suite of marketing courses that get to the point, shows you how to do things simply, and empowers you to grow.

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Our courses are designed for busy people, motivated to succeed.

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Marketing isn’t complicated, but if you don’t know where to begin you can make lots of costly mistakes and waste lots of your precious time.

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Our range of courses have been designed to cover some of the most common marketing challenges.

Don’t know if it’ll work? Choosing from a plethora of media options? Time poor to structure and implement your marketing?

We will give you practical training, helpful tips and resources for mastering your marketing.

So why Jigsoar Media?

These courses are developed by a team of marketers who are sharing our knowledge of what we do for clients every day, and the formula and techniques we use to create success.

We’re on a mission to help businesses to stand up, stand out, and get the phone ringing with the ultimate goal – more customers!

Find out how to solve your marketing puzzle to succeed

In our flagship course – SUMMMIT – you’ll learn everything you need to know about marketing in seven simple steps.

Understand how marketing works and save thousands of dollars. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve wasted money on marketing, then this course is for you.


We believe marketing is about making money and growing your business, and we want to see successful businesses and vibrant business owners.

Vanessa AllenJigsoar Media

Vanessa’s 20+ year’s experience in marketing ranges from public relations and promotions to event management and television production.  She combines this knowledge with her love of marketing and passion for business to create marketing strategies that combines a strong brand and ROI.

Vanessa has developed the SUMMMIT 7 step marketing method to help small and medium businesses with skills to improve their marketing and this is the same method we use so we know it works!

Vanessa loves data, being organised and communication; and uses this combination (and a great team) to help her clients whip up marketing strategies that cover all key messaging and deliver an ROI.

Need more convincing? Organise a free, no obligation 20-minute chat with the Jigsoar Media team to find out more about SUMMMIT.

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Take a look at how the SUMMMIT method has helped some of our previous course participants.

I own and operate a number of small businesses, and I’ve always felt that my marketing knowledge has been one of my weaker areas. I wanted to know more about how marketing works and what kind of things I should be doing, so I signed up to the SUMMMIT course from Jigsoar Media. Now that I’ve completed the course I have to say that it is excellent – I’m now using the methods I learnt directly on the micro-businesses I operate, and using those same methods to keep track of what my agency is doing for my larger construction business. I’m more confident about spending money, I’m seeing returns on the money I spend and I’m really excited about what the future holds for my businesses.

If you’re struggling with your marketing, or you feel someone on your team could brush up on their skills, I’d highly recommend SUMMMIT. It contextualises marketing within your business and helps you define the goals for your business, and then shows you how to achieve them. It shows how marketing should fit into your overall business development and I truly believe that any business could benefit from having someone on their team fluent in the SUMMMIT method.

Brie, Multiple Business OwnerDesigns By Brize, CMT Constructions

While most online courses leave you to your own devices, the SUMMMIT Course is like having a marketing wizard in your pocket, imparting their years of wisdom to help you make your business brand better. The SUMMMIT course helped us to develop our marketing strategy and be prepared for opportunities as the business grows. This course will help any business looking to expand, rebrand, or recalibrate their marketing activities. It offers something for everyone!

Lisa, HR & Marketing ConsultantLangtree Legal

I can highly recommend the marketing course from Jigsoar Media! I found it very engaging and it provided clear concise information on using marketing and social media to promote and grow business. A very valuable tool for small and emerging businesses, lots of support materials to download and work on!

Colleen, Business OwnerColleen Holmes Learning & Development

It's a model that can be applied to any business and it doesn't matter if the business is established or just starting out. It's a business skill that I can use over and over. It's a must do course.

Bronwyne, Business OwnerCoffee Bean Estate

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