Understanding your audience is about more than basic demographics. You need to have a good grasp on the entire scope of your target market – what drives people to want your product? Who tends to purchase from you as opposed to your competitor? The key to a well defined target market is in understanding the problem that your product or service solves for your market. Once you’ve identified the problem you can market much more effectively.
Your target market is a niche – it’s your ideal client, the client who is going to love your product and your service and become a regular customer. When you understand who that is, not only do you know who to market towards, but you know how to market towards them as well.
If you’re stuck defining your target market with general demographics, such as ‘women’, or ‘men over 40’, you could be missing out on higher sales and more revenue because you aren’t connecting with your niche market enough. The Jigsoar Media SUMMMIT Workshop can teach you how to define your target market properly, and where to find them. Enrol today!
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