One of the first steps to successfully marketing your business is identifying the areas that make you a little bit different – these are the reasons you will use further down the line to convince potential customers to consider your business!
No one can tell you what is unique about your business – that’s entirely up to you. However, what we can tell you is what not to say, and if you’re struggling to work it out, we can point you in the right direction.

Some common mistakes we come across when defining a business’ unique selling point –

Focusing on price. Being the ‘cheapest’ doesn’t inspire potential customers to buy from you and can lead to big issues in the future. If the rent increases on your premises and you have to raise your prices, every customer you have gained due to low cost is going to go in search for a cheaper option. Avoid promoting the ‘cost’ of something as much as you can – instead, focus on value and quality.

Same, same, but different. You may or may not be looking at other businesses in your industry (if you aren’t, we highly recommend you start to do a regular competitor analysis) for inspiration with your marketing. This is a great place to start, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that if it’s working for them, it’ll work for you too. Every business is different. Find out what is different about yours and celebrate it!

Misunderstanding your customer. All purchases solve a problem. Whether it’s an emotional or a logical purchase, your product or service is always the solution to a particular problem. Understanding what this problem is, and what type of people regularly encounter it, will help you position yourself as able to fix that problem better than anyone else.

We recommend that you make a list of the problems that your customers come to you to fix, and another list of all the ways you solve them. The list of solutions are all potential selling points – so from here you can simply analyse your competitors and identify what they aren’t doing that you are, and this will be your unique selling point. Now you have a reason for people to buy from you over your competitors, and a strong message to include in your marketing.

If you are still a little challenged about what makes you unique, the team at Jigsoar Media can help, and we love this stuff.  Also if you want to set up strong marketing foundations in your business, then check out the link to the SUMMMIT course below.  If you’re into business or marketing, we promise you’ll love it!

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