We feel like the word ‘blog’ gets a bad wrap. Maybe it’s because in the beginning we were made to believe that blogging was a wasted past time. It was quickly superseded by ‘Instagram Influencer’ and we kind of forgot about the world of blogging.

You know who didn’t forget about blogging? Google!

If you regularly blog on your website, Google is loving you just that little bit more each time. Which means it’s directing (free!) traffic to your website each time someone searches your keywords!

I suppose they could just search for your business name, but that’s people who already know you! And you could pay for your name to appear at the top, but you know, money.

So, the question remains… is blogging really worth your time?

Well, would you like more traffic to your website? Then yes, I guess it is!

But apart from simply getting more people to visit your website, just how does it benefit your business I hear you ask? Well, let’s have a look at some of them!

Firstly don’t think a blog has to be something special. When you have written some content written it can then be used across multiple platforms; which ties all your messages together and keeps them running along the same path. If you’ve noticed we do this with all our EDM’s. We send them out to all our favourites (you!), we post about it on our socials, put them on Linkedin and upload them as a blog on our website. That’s 4-in-1 marketing!

Establish your name in your industry
Do you have those go-to pages when you’re looking for certain information? Well, the more educational your blogs are, the more times they will come back to your page for answers. This helps establish your name in your industry and become a trusted name. And do you know what trusted names get? More clients!

The promotion that keeps on giving
You may think that blogs peak and then fall off the face of the Earth never to be seen again. But actually, those blogs sit in the background, showing up in search engine results and quietly receiving traffic as time goes on. In fact, research done by Hubspot showed that each month, the leads generated from blog posts came more from previous months posts than the current month. And we’re all about marketing that keeps delivering and long term results!

Convert your traffic into leads
You can also add a call to actions to generate leads too them. These are things people would take action or be willing to trade their contact details for, so try and make a worthy offer such as a free trial, 20% off, free information etc. So the trail goes: Reads blog post > Sees offer > Visits store/Puts in details > Receives offer > You’ve generated a lead!

Another indexed page on your website
This has a lot to do with your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) on your website. If you’re unsure about SEO, we can definitely help with that, however for the moment, just know you’ll show up in more searches. It shows Google your website is active and being updated so it’ll drive more traffic your way! See, we told you it would make Google love you!

Finally, don’t get too caught up in trying to make your blogs perfect, you’re not going to be examined on them! Just get your information out there and watch your traffic grow!

If you know someone who needs a hand with their website traffic (maybe that’s you) we’re offering a free half hour consultation to give you tips on advice on how to grow your business with online traffic.  All you have to do is respond to this email, or forward to a friend.

Happy blogging!